Markom Group provides

  • Company incorporations in various jurisdictions
  • Back office administration
  • Dedicated company administration
  • Trust services
  • Facilitation in opening of personal, business and corporate bank accounts
  • Investment management services
  • Real estate acquisitions and development
  • Private equity fund set up and administration

Back Office Administration

  • Mail forwarding services
  • Telephone & facsimile services
  • Preparation and dispatch of client correspondence
  • Notarization and legalization of documents

Trust Services

  • Formation of Trusts
  • Administration and Management of Trusts
  • Provision of Professional Trustees
  • Provision of Professional Trust Protectors

Banking Services

  • Introductions to reputable banks worldwide
  • Opening of personal accounts
  • Opening of business accounts
  • Opening of corporate accounts
  • Administration of bank accounts
  • Arranging of Credit facilities
  • Arranging Credit, Debit cards, bank loans
  • Arranging on-line banking services
  • Technical support for on-line banking services

Investment Services
In partnership with Markom Partners PLC, Markom Group offers a wide range of investment services: from structured Investments, investments in equities, fixed interest bonds to a variety of collective investments.