Markom Group is a group of companies established in 2004, which provides global fiduciary, trust, corporate business management, project administration and real estate investment services. It consists of seven group companies and has offices in the United Kingdom, Cyprus and the rest of the world. Markom is governed by the Management Committee of the Group, which oversees and controls all internal and external policy matters of the Group.

Markom Group global reach is supplemented via affiliated and representative offices in many countries around the world. Markom Group provides a variety of services that go beyond the contemporary concept of corporate, administration, investment and fiduciary services. Markom Group brings fiduciary services together with the latest financial, corporate and investment expertise.

Mission Statement

Markom Group companies are regulated in several countries of the European Union. We have also adhered to principles of Quality Management under ISO 9001 category. Markom Group is committed to build a transparent customer base operating via regulated entities within the group and through a network of professional intermediaries and introducers. We are obligated to carry out customer Due Diligence procedures for each and every client, private or corporate, to ensure that Markom Group services are provided to customers with proven track record of legitimate business activities.